AQWorlds Level Hack v2.0 [AQWorlds Hacks 2013 Download]


The AQWorlds Level Hack version 2.0 is a program that utilizes an exploit allowing the user to edit his/her level to any level within the currrent level cap (35). The hack works in a way that is absolutely undetectable, therefore, there is no risk the the user of getting banned. It is suggested not to overuse this program, because overuse may cause the exploit that the hack takes advantage of, to be patched. If the AQWorlds Level Hack v2.0 does happen to get patched, notify us and we will develop an updated working version within a matter of days.

How to use AQWorlds Level Hack v2.0:
Launch the program, enter the username you use to login with and the level you wish your character to be at. Then click "Hack Level". The program will then begin the process of editing the level variable of your account. When the process is finished, it you will see the words "Hack Successful" in green letters and you will be advised to relog into AQWorlds to update your level variable. Relog now and you'll notice your characters level has been hacked to the level you entered! It's as simple as that. Enjoy!